Container Delivery Management

Solution Benefits

  • Full integration with existing freight management system – container movement jobs dispatched directly from the freight management system with real time status updates sent back. Avoids double handling of data.
  • Reduced paperwork –jobs dispatched directly to the drivers smartphone or tablet.
  • Full container tracking across every leg of transportation to avoid loss.
  • Flexibility – the solution allows for the driver to request their own jobs by container number, manages bulk movements of multiple containers between multiple drivers and manages diversions to customs (along with other unable to complete reasons) which sends messages to  the freight management system to create a new transport leg for the container.
  • Complete real time visibility of deliveries, completed work and proof of delivery.
  • Driver Safety and compliance features.
  • Vehicle location tracking via smartphone or tablet GPS.
  • Automated arrivals and departures at loading and delivery sites based on geofences.
  • Improved Customers Service with upto date container delivery status via customer web portal.


  •  xmotionTM Workforce | Transport