Food Vans

Solution Benefits

  •  Full integration with existing accounting system – products and pricing are imported from the accounts system with real time sales data sent back to it. Avoids double handling of data.
  •  Save time and reduce mistakes by having the system automatically reorder popular items based on previous sales.
  •  Each van’s sales data is available for analysis and accounting in real time. Helps to optimise stocking and sales and minimise waste.
  • Mitigate stock losses – drivers track stock onto van from kitchen or warehouse through to sale or wastage via smartphone or tablet.
  • Drivers use the smartphone or tablet to complete daily stock takes.
  • Monitor driver efficiency through real time visibility into driver activity, run progress, POS, stock on hand.
  • The comprehensive and easy to use sales function allows drivers to put sales through faster and therefore visit more sites in a shorter amount of time. The sales function features fast scanning, product lookup, price check, personal credit capture and sales tendering for cash, credit and EFT.
  • Van Sales data available for analysis to optimise stocking and sales and  minimise waste.
  • Manage stock through kitchen, warehouse and waste process.


  •  xmotionTM Workforce | Transport