Fuel & LPG Distribution

Solution Benefits:

  • Integration into existing operational and financial systems.  This can include fully detailed manifests being imported from your own Freight Management system or directly from the oil companies scheduling system with job updates being sent back to the originating system in near real time.
  • If you do not run a separate Freight Management or Scheduling system; customers and their locations and tanks can be managed in xmotionTMworkforce | Fuels which has an inbuilt ability to automate orders based on frequency, usage or customer advice.
  • Reduced paperwork – jobs dispatched directly to the driver’s PDA/smartphone/tablet while in the field.
  • Complete real-time visibility of orders, deliveries, completed work and proof of delivery.   Ability to invoice same day based on real time delivery confirmations leads to improved cashflow.
  • Automated arrivals and departures at loading and delivery sites based on geofences.*
  • Custom Site Documentation.
  • Dispatch staff can instantly allocate and reallocate work, and send through delivery updates and diversions to the drivers smartphone or tablets.
  • Avoid fuel contamination by scheduling the correct product for vehicle compartments and site tanks.
  • Maximum data collection whilst maintaining ease of use.  Simple recording of product loaded into compartments at the load site and pre-dips, delivery quantities and post-dips for each tank at delivery sites.
  • Manage unable to load or deliver and diversions in real time.
  • Manage carry over product to avoid product loss.
  • Driver Safety and compliance – fitness for duty & vehicle configuration and operational checks, driver work descriptions & manuals.
  • Know where your vehicles are through location tracking via GPS in the drivers device.
  • Delivery route efficiency with turn by turn navigation.



  • xmotionTM workforce | Fuels