Materials Delivery

Solution Benefits

  • Full Integration into existing operations and financial systems – delivery job dispatch directly from the ERP with real time delivery data returned, for efficient data handling.
  • Reduced paperwork – jobs dispatched directly to the driver’s smartphone/tablet while in the field.
  • Complete real time visibility of orders, deliveries, completed work and proof of delivery.
  • Ability to invoice same day based on real time delivery confirmations.
  • Automated Proof of Completion PDF emailed to customers or sales team including photos of product on site.
  • Reduced Errors – Drivers warned if they miss or select incorrect items whilst delivering.
  • Resolve Problems quickly – email alerts sent back to decision makers if drivers are unable to deliver items or if the actual quantity delivered differs from the planed quantity.
  • Driver Safety and compliance features.
  • Know where your vehicles are through location tracking via GPS in the drivers smartphone or tablet.
  • Automated arrivals and departures at loading and delivery sites based on geofences.
  • Delivery route efficiency with turn by turn navigation.
  • Complete traceability delivers Improved Customer Care.


  • xmotionTM Workforce | Transport