Vehicle Delivery Management

Solution Benefits

  • Reduced paperwork – Loads dispatched directly to the driver’s smartphone or tablet.
  • Full integration with existing ERP system. Avoids double handling of data.
  • Complete real time visibility of jobs in progress and proof of delivery.
  • Flexibility allows the system to deal with bulk jobs where the VIN of the vehicles is not known and allows multiple vehicles to belong to the same  single job – providing they are all going from the same compound to the same dealership.
  • Dealers can track location of delivery via web portal, vehicles location shown on a map.
  • Automated arrivals and departures at loading and delivery sites based on geofences.
  • Customer Vehicle Damage reporting form. Camera used to capture images of damage.
  • Efficient Deliveries –  Dealers are notified in advance of delivery to prepare for receipt of vehicles into yard.
  • Complete vehicle tracking via scanning of VIN number.
  • Location tracking via GPS on the smartphone or tablet
  • Driver Safety and Compliance – Fitness for Duty, Shift events, vehcile saftey checks.
  • Vehicle Configuration and Loading


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