Workforce Device Management

Interdev’s mobile device management (mdm) solutions enables the secure and efficient support of your field teams use of IOS™ , Android™ and Windows Mobile™ smartphones, tablets and ruggedised PDA’s while they are in the field, in real time.

Support agents are able to view the devices screen and  see exactly what your field team are seeing in order to guide field team members through the necessary steps to becoming operational.

Benefits include :

  • Centralised Device Management
    • Default Settings.
    • Email, Calendar, Contacts, WIFI
    • Restrict device functions.
    • Device Reset and Remote control.
    • Over the air application updates.
  • Compliance & Security
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Security Pass Code Policy
    • Locate, lock and wipe stolen devices.
  • Monitoring & Reporting
    • Diagnose device issues
    • Software and Hardware inventory

Interdev’s team are able to assist with device management policy and configuration development, device enrollment and deployment.