EROAD – Telematics

EROAD is New Zealands leading RUC Solution for transport.

RUC = Road Usage Charging
An EROAD system helps customers manage their vehicle fleets, improves safety outcomes, lowers running costs and emissions, and enhances management control and fuel security.

INTERDEV is EROAD’s leading partner for Australia

Through the EROAD, INTERDEV alliance, Transport owners are now able to achieve a comprehensive view of their fleet and current workflow in real time.

An EROAD Solution offers customer a complete telematics solution which fully meets your operational, safety and compliance requirements.

EROAD Delivers:

[tabs] [tab title=”Operational Excellence”]

EROAD’s user friendly fleet management tools provide instant visibility of your vehicles and their proximity to tasks, improving fleet utilisation, operational effeciency and reducing costs.   Real-time vehicle information is displayed on digitial maps, supplemented by a wide range of tools and reports.   Operators benefit from improved fleet productivity, better route planning, timely maintenace, ability to monitor stop/idle times, and improved legal compliance.

  • Real-time vehicle and asset tracking, supplemented with comprehensive fleet reports.
  • Advanced analytics provides detailed insight into fleet composition, speed, idle time, time on site, and fuel usage.
  • Integrates with INTERDEV’s xmotiontm platforms.
[/tab] [tab title=”Compliance”]

EROAD’s secure platform, approved hardware and a comprehensive range of reports help you meet stringent compliance requirements effortlessly.   We offer the most effective, automated and lowest cost compliance tools available – in a secure and high availability environment.

  •  Driver Analysis tools to keep your staff safe and compliant
  • Reports provide improved compliance with health and safety and insurance requirements.
  • Auditable, Secure data protection.
  • Secure archive functionality for fuel and service record keeping.
[/tab] [tab title=”Maintenance Management”]

High workshop costs and unforeseen maintenance and repair bills have the potential to seriously hurt cashflow and business viability.  EROAD’s comprehensive Service Module allows you to proactively manage the maintenance and repair of your vehcile fleet, and to benchmark and monitor trends by vehicle, category and supplier.  It provides full service history archive functionaility to meet each states record-keeping requirements and service history reports by vehicle, date and/or hours:

  • Ability to record unforseen service events such as emergency repair work.
  • Operator and workshop vehicle service alerts including saftey checks and registation.
  • Standard and customer service scheduling by date, distance and /or hours
  • Ability to record supplier , service details, costs, invoice number , details and notes.
[/tab] [tab title=”Better Safer Drivers”]

Your staff are your most important asset.  Driver behaviour has a significant impact on your ability to meet health and safety, legal and insurance requirements.  EROAD’s comprehensive range of tools and reports helps you to create a safe workplace:

  • Unprecedented accountability and transparency around driver behaviour.
  • Fleet reports offer effective risk management and mitigation tools.
  • Data analytics automate risk exception reporting.
[/tab] [tab title=”Energy Savings”]

Fuel expenditure represents the largest single cash cost for fleet managers.  EROAD’s revolutionary EZfuel module allows you to view and proactively manage fuel consumption across your vehicle and asset fleets.  It combines fuel transactions with vehicle distance and location information generated by EROAD’s vehicle hardware to measure fuel performance and identify trends and exceptions:

  • Providing fleet and vehicle consumption, fuel exception reports, cost and emission-related information for daily and selected reporting periods.
  • Helps you identify inefficient vehicles and driver behaviour.
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by managing idle times.
  • Delivers sustainable savings as fleet performance is monitored permanently.
[/tab] [tab title=”Assured Data Security”]

EROAD complies with the same standards that regulate financial institutions and their electronic teller devices. EROAD’s operations comply with and are aligned to ISO standards 9001, 27001/2, 20000.

EROAD’s hardware has been specifically engineered to prevent and detect any attempt to tamper with its sensor inputs, or interfere with it’s distance and location calculations or communication. Internal and external sensors continually monitor and improve distance calibration during travel. This creates a unique electronic fingerprint of the vehicle, whic protects against external tampering or modification of sensor inputs, when combined with sophisticated tamper detection techniques.

  • All vehicle GPS data is confidential and the property of the transport operator.
  • EROAD maintains the protection of all confidential customer data in strict compliance with legal requirements.
[/tab] [/tabs] To Learn More about EROAD visit : EROAD Global

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