workforce 2.0 Android Driver App.








INTERDEV’s update to its Android driver management application is now released – workforce 2.0 android.  The base workflow provides workforce users with access to the following functionality:

  • Tracking of Driver and Vehicle through secure Login and vehicle and trailer recording.
  • Job Workflow
    • Job List
    • Pickup & Delivery Location Details
    • Items Details, Quantities & UOM
    • Driver Notes
    • Turn by Turn Navigation
    • Location Notes
    • Dial from job details
    • Sign on Glass
    • Photo Proof of Completion
    • Unable to Pickup or Deliver
    • Time Stamping of Delivery events.
  • Driver Messaging
    • Acknowledgement confirmation.

In addition to the core functionality, the application can be customised to include the following modules:

  • Driver Fitness for Duty
  • Vehicle Safety and Compliance Checks
  • Barcode Scanning for item level tracking
  • Payments Processing
  • Driver Break Capture
  • Timesheets
  • Incident Reporting

workforce 2.0 Android can be customised for those organisations with complex workflows that go beyond your basic pickup or delivery process.

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