xmotion™ workforce | Insite

 Item Level Depot Management

xmotion™ workforce | Insite  offers a powerful solution to assist in depot management and scanning of items into depots, consolidation points and warehouses. InSite provides capabilities to track freight at Item Level and integrated with  xmotion™ workforce | Transport offers full item level visibility across transport operations, both local and long haul.

InSite can integrates tightly with existing freight management systems to provide powerful items level capabilities and tighter operation control over freight movements.

Scanning capabilities provided by xmotion™ workforce | Transport enable users to build manifests or ‘loads’ and ensure correct items are loaded and subsequently unloaded at their destination.    Multiple devices / users are able to simultaneously load and unload and prepare manifests, ensuring maximum efficiency within the depot or warehouse.

Use in conjunction with xmotionTM workforce | Transport

  • Manage all of your local pickup and delivery.
  • Depot consolidation and linehaul requirements.
  • Full tracking at item level.
  • Newly received items can be scanned onto a ‘shell’ or ‘skeleton’ con note.

Container, Pallet & Manifest – Management & Tracking

  • Goods may be packed into containers, pallets or other packaging.
  • The goods are scanned ‘into’ the relevant container or package which is then recorded by Insite.
  • A manifest can contain multiple pallets or Containers.
  • Exceptions are alerted to the operator to tell them that goods are missing from the load or additional goods are attempting to be loaded.
  • The receiving depot can view goods that are about to be shipped.
  • Ability to list what pallets, containers or manifests are located on any site or vehicle at any time.