xmotion™ Remote

xmotion™ Remote enables an in-house support team the ability to securely and efficiently support your field teams while they are in the field, in real time.    xmotion™ Remote is an add on module for your existing xmotion platform™  and is designed for use with Windows mobile based computers.  xmotion™ Remote is a device management tool, which has been optimised to enable support of devices while they are in use in the field, particularly in areas where  poor mobile coverage may occur.

With xmotion™ Remote support teams gain real time access to the field device screen. Agents see exactly what your field team are seeing which assists the support agent to  guide field team members through the necessary steps to becoming operational.

For efficiency of deployment to support agents, xmotion™ Remote has been developed as a clientless solution enabling support to be delivered from any devices supporting a web browser.

xmotion™ Remote  is easy to use: Non-IT people can provide support to field teams in Real time.

Device File System

  • Upload, download, delete, zip, copy, create new folders, check file information and edit file and folder attributes.
  • Check application and library version information.
  • File manager is file context sensitive enabling you direct access to database files, xml and registry files.
  • Easy download of device logs.

Device Screen and keypad

  • Screen shot or real time video streaming.
  • Stream video with timeout in case of lost connectivity to preserve battery.
  • Remote device screen interaction via mouse and keyboard.
  • Easily send special keys strokes and resend common commands.
  • Visually check battery status and device connectivity.

 System information

  • View and kill processes
  • View installed and running applications with the option to uninstall.
  • View Storage status flash and SD
  • Check and Configure Date and Time
  • Reboot Device

Access Device Registry

  • Remotely modify Windows Registry

Device Database access

  • Create SQL queries to retrieve or validate data stored on the device.

 Console Access

  • Low level device access
  • Execute and view completed commands.


xmotionTM Shell Settings

  • Control remote management utility settings
  • Enable/Disable Synchronous communication settings dependant on connection quality.

Scripted broadcasts to multiple devices

  • Upload software updates and script maintenance tasks.
  • Track update completion, in-progress and failures.

Device Communication Configuration

  • Schedule devices to request new communications configurations.
  • Failback protection, reverts back to last working configuration in event of a failure.

Set Device Fleet Default settings

  • Standardise configuration across all devices in the field.

Permissions based User functionality

  • Control user access to via xmotion™ remote tool via the xmotion™ User Configuration.

Add Remote to your xmotion™ Licensing and Support Agreement

  • Included at no charge with xmotion™ premium support