xmotion™ workforce

Solutions that bring greater safety and efficiency to your business through Real time tracking of vehicles, people, behaviour and freight.

Transport verticals which benefit from an xmotion™ workforce solution include:

  • Bulk Liquids & Gases Distribution
  • Construction Material Delivery
  • Skip or liquid Waste Collection
  • Earth Works & Landscaping Supplies
  • Container Transportation
  • Vehicle Delivery
  • General Freight – Local & Long Haul
  • Field Services

xmotion™ workforce | server

Core capability

  • providing operations and management with real time visibility into workforce activity.
  • Job creation, dispatch, tracking through to completion.
  • Proof of Completion Report
  • Driver, Vehicle and Device configuration and management.
  • Customer Creation and Management
  • Job Type Creation
  • Granular event auditing.
  • Driver Messaging

XCS 2.0, communication server

  • ensures reliable, timely communication between xmotion™ workforce | server and the xmotion™ workforce | clients 
  • clients can be  IOS™, Androidand Windows Mobile™ smartphones, tablets and ruggedised PDA’s.

Expansion Modules

  • Integration hub – enterprise level platform for connecting to other line of business applications, operational and financial.
  • Quotes & Orders – Includes Price book capability,  xmotion™ workforce can process jobs through to invoicing.
  • Customer Portal – Order Creation, job progress updates and proof of completion.
  • Reporting – Reporting module for creation of business specific reports & dashboards.
  • Time Sheet – capture shift event data, commence, breaks , complete, for use with Payroll systems.
  • Geo-Fencing – Creation of automatic alerts for driver / vehicles entering or leaving specific areas, depots, customer sites, no-go zones.
  • Route Optimisation – Ordering multiple jobs for the most efficient transit.
  • Depot Management – track items through carton, pallet, container , depots and manifests. (Insite)

xmotion™ workforce | client

Core capability

  •  Availible for use on IOS™, Androidand Windows Mobile™ smartphones and tablets and ruggedised PDA’s.
  • List of Jobs to be undertaken
  • Customer Details, Address, Contact Number, Location on Map.
  • Dial from Device directly to customer.
  • Job Details – Pickup, Delivery, Work to be completed.
  • Add or remove Items against Jobs.
  • Capture unable to complete details.
  • Capture Delays.
  • Proof of completion with Sign on Glass or Photo.
  • Driver Messaging
  • Login / Logout Events.

Expansion Modules

  • Barcode Scanning – for complete track and trace of items.
  • Fitness for Duty – Employee’s confirm fitness to complete allocated jobs at commencement of shift.
  • Operational Checks  – Checklists of vehicle safety and compliance,  vehicle configuration or tools.
  • Shift Events – driver breaks, delays, demurrage.
  • Job Sheet – capture onsite activity, materials used.
  • Site Map & Documentation – Access to site specific documentation, compliance or safety documentation.
  • Payments – process customer payment while in the field.