xmotion™ workforce | Fuels

Distributors of bulk fuels, lubricants and LPG, not utilising a mobility solution specifically designed for their industry, frequently experience the following challenges:

  • Extensive paperwork
  • Inaccuracy of paperwork
  • Large customer service burden through lack of real time information
  • Inefficient use of fleet
  • Difficulty in meeting aggressive compliance and safety goals
  • Lengthy  revenue cycles and revenue leakage

To overcome these industry challenges, INTERDEV Australia has developed xmotion™ workforce | Fuels, a comprehensive mobility solution for managing fuels and liquids delivery through the use of ruggedised tablets.

xmotion™ workforce | Fuels removes the headaches of paperwork and offers a real time* view of business operations including the deliveries which are currently in progress.

The xmotion™ platform offers functionality which automates the stages from order through to delivery. xmotion™’s business rules structure within the application ensure completeness of information sent and returned from the field.  Further business efficiency is created through integration with your organisations existing operational and financial systems.


Pre-Operational Checks

xmotion™ Fuels delivers proven benefits:

In the Field

Remove paperwork from drivers

  • Prevents information loss
  • Reduces field generated information errors

Avoid fuel contamination

  • Schedule product from vehicle compartment through to site tank.

Compliance and Safety Checks

  • Driver and Vehicle worthiness checklists
  • Fitness for Duty

Efficient Transit

  • Turn by Turn navigation
  • Driver Messaging
  • Delivery Notes
Real Time financial tracking – Deliveries, Revenue Generated, Top Delivery Sites, To Delivery Regions


Automated Jobs

  • Orders, Dispatch, Progress and Proof of Delivery.
  • Increase administration efficiency
  • integrate with your product providers systems

Real Time field activity tracking

  • Improves workforce utilisation
  • Delays and Diversion dealt with in real time

Real Time Financials

    • Prevent revenue leakage due to inaccurate paperwork
    • Billing on job completion through electronic proof of delivery
    • Billing Integration
    • Payroll Integration
    • Management Dashboard

Improved view of stock levels and usage

Improved Customer Service

  • Respond to customer requests with real time status information.

For the Dispatcher

Electronically dispatch manifests to the drivers’ tablet

Integration with your customer’s scheduling tool.

  • Integration with your existing freight management system.
  • Using the xmotionTM Fuels inbuilt ability to automate orders and deliveries based on Frequency, Usage or Customer Advice.

Field activity in Real Time

  • Receive real-time delivery updates as they occur
  • Communicate in real-time via the drivers tablet
  • Track work in progress and completed work as it occurs.
  • Job completion details are received in real time and are therefore available for same day invoicing.
  • Maintain a full history of work completed, orders received and work in progress.
  • Manage carry over quantities to avoid “product loss”.
  • Driver or geofence controlled device and radio off for safety while loading and unloading at stations and terminals.

For the Drivers

Tank to Tank Delivery with Colour Coded Products.

Workflow Simplification – no paper

    • Record driver shift start and end times, paid and unpaid breaks, shift events and even allowances.
    • Drivers record their pre-trip safety checks and compliance requirements.
    • Drivers print Dangerous Goods Certificates based on actual loaded quantities of product.
  • Drivers manage load and delivery details including the loading of product into specified compartments and delivering to specified tanks.
  • Record tank dips and safe fill levels (where they are not already known)
  •  Capture signatures (sign on glass) for Proof of Delivery. Print or email delivery receipts.
  • Communicate in real-time via the handheld computer.
  • Drivers can receive and manage real time job updates – delivery updates, diversions and bills of lading.
  • Drivers can add unplanned or Ad-Hoc load points and deliveries.