Device Management

Interdev's mobile device management (mdm) solutions enables the secure and efficient support of your field teams use of IOS™ , Android™ and Windows Mobile™ smartphones, tablets and ruggedised PDA's while they are in the field, in real time. Support agents are able to view the devices screen and  see exactly what your field team are seeing in order to guide field team members through the necessary steps to becoming operational. Benefits include :
  • Centralised Device Management
    • Default Settings.
    • Email, Calendar, Contacts, WIFI
    • Restrict device functions.
    • Device Reset and Remote control.
    • Over the air application updates.
  • Compliance & Security
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Security Pass Code Policy
    • Locate, lock and wipe stolen devices.
  • Monitoring & Reporting
    • Diagnose device issues
    • Software and Hardware inventory
Interdev's team are able to assist with device management policy and configuration development, device enrollment and deployment.  

Workforce Training

INTERDEV offers training solutions for partners to ensure that field workers and operational staff are gaining maximum benefit and efficiency from an INTERDEV Solution. Training is available for delivery online, one on one or in groups.

Technology Strategy

If your existing IT infrastructure is becoming tired or not delivering the performance that your business demands, the INTERDEV team can assist. The INTERDEV team can undertake an IT infrastructure audit reviewing both your existing IT infrastructure, your current business processes and then discuss with you, your future business requirements. Once we understand your business, the INTERDEV team can develop a plan for your future IT infrastructure. This plan can be passed to your existing IT provider for costing and deployment or INTERDEV can have one of our IT partners assist.

Premium Support

If your customers demand you are available to assist them any time, you can rely on INTERDEV's premium support service to ensure that there is someone available to assist with your INTERDEV solution anytime you require.

Workforce Efficiency

Unsure whether a workforce mobility solution is right for your business, or have a solution already and need a review of it's impact? The INTERDEV team are able to work with you to review your business and identify if a mobile workforce solution will bring increased efficiency to your field and operations team and establish a real return on investment for your business.

Workforce Integration

xmotionTM Workforce's flexible design enables it to integrate with existing line of business applications, such as production management, warehouse management and financial systems. Workflows server side, and smartphone and tablet side can be customised to accomodate specific business needs.

Website Development & Maintenace

With the addition of Online Quoting, Job Booking and Customer Job tracking portals to the Workforce Platform, INTERDEV have also added Web Development and Maintenace to our portfolio of services to our clients. If you are investing in your back office to make your business more efficient, INTERDEV can assist you with an online overhaul. The INTERDEV team can updating your web presence, integrating your customer enquiries with your Workforce platform, and increase business efficiency by providing your customers with a Job Tracking portal, freeing your staff up from phone, or email based customer status enquiries. The INTERDEV team can also assist with online payment processing and online stores.