Mass, Dimension and Goods type Routing





With the upgrade to the default mapping client on the drivers tablet in the field, INTERDEV can now specify routes for drivers to follow, which address issues relating to Mass, Dimension or Dangerous Goods requirements.

With the utilisation of Vehicle Types and setting of dimension and mass restrictions within workforce server for a vehicle, workers in the field can now benefit from accessing the safest routes, when the utilise the inbuilt navigation utilised by the workforce client.

This is done through the association of a vehicle ID with a vehicle type.  When a driver starts their shift, they login with their details and the vehicle identifier.  This then passes the vehicle route requirements through to our mapping provider to ensure that the latest, safest and most efficient route is provided to the driver to follow when the request a route between two locations in order to complete a job.

Hazard Goods types can include:

[explosive | gas | flammable | combustible | organic | poison | radioActive | corrosive | poisonousInhalation | harmfulToWater]

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