Customisable Forms – fitness for duty, vehicle safety checks, end of day reporting.






Interdev’s workforce client has been updated to include customisable forms, this enables the operations teams to change questions in the forms, and have them dispatch to field workers for completion on their next login event.

Common deployments for forms include replacing rigid, pre-driver fitness for duty check lists and vehicle safety and compliance checks.  Often with existing solutions for vehicle safety checks, you have a one form fits all vehicles, which is not ideal for large fleets.

With workforce, a form can be triggered based on the vehicle type associated with the vehicle identifier used at login by the driver.  This enables vehicle specific safety and compliance checklists to be dispatched that match the vehicles specific requirements.

Form can also be embedded with the workflow of jobs, to ensure that within a job key safety activities are undertaken either at loading, delivery stages, or end of day.

The screen shot below shows an example of a dynamic form, data that can be entered is defined as the form is created within workforce.  Data types can be check lists, text, number entry, drop down boxes, distances, times and dates.


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