In vehicle GPS tracking vs mobile workforce management.


The following scenario compares the experience of a driver and an operations team, one based on an in vehicle GPS tracking solution with a paper based workflow and the other utilising the xmotion™ workforce application.

The scenario highlights the additional visibility a mobile workforce solutions provides and the removal of the need to have administrations teams process the paperwork returned by workers at the end of day or on completion of jobs.

Driver Activity

 In Vehicle GPS

 xmotion™ workforce management

  Start of Day

• fills in time sheet with start time.
• may complete vehicle check.


• Vehicle located on map.
• Device tracks for the day commence.
• logs on to commence shift.
• completes Fitness for Duty statement.
• undertakes pre-tripsafety checks.


• Driver located on map.
• Driver tracks commence.
• Safety and Compliance requirements met.

 Jobs List

• Printed list of Jobs of for the day.
• Clipboard of delivery paperwork.


• See vehicle movement on a map.
• Phone driver to change priority.
• Jobs displayed in the workforce application.
• Driver accepts first job.


• See job progress to “InProgress”.
• See driver progress on the map.
• Can re-order jobs in real time, if priorities change.


• Manually enters first job into the GPS to commence navigation.
• Selects the address to commence turn by turn navigation.
• Select customer phone number to dial directly from the application.


• Drivers call logged against job activity.


• Arrives at destination.
• Identifies the correct paperwork.
• Completes the job.
• Customers signs paperwork and keeps a copy.
• Driver keeps a copy for processing by administration at the end of day.


 • Vehicle arrives and is stationary on map.
• Unaware of status of delivery.
• Vehicle commences moving.
• Wait until end of day to finalise processing of job paperwork.
• Driver acknowledges arrival.
• Details of job are displayed.
• Completes Job.
• Customer signs on the device screen.
• Can take a photograph as proof of job completion.
• If unable to complete job, can select option in device and reason.


• Arrival time logged against Job.
• Customer Signature received, Job moves to Complete in Operators screen.
• Notified in real time of unable to complete.
• Customer completion notification can use set via email or SMS.

Driver Breaks

 Driver completes time sheet and submits at the end of day processing.


• Vehicle stops moving on the map.
• Break details processed when paper returned at end of day.
• Driver enters break details.


• See in real-time when a driver is on a break.
• Confirm Safety and Compliance requirements being met.

End of Day 

• Vehicle stops.
• Driver hands in delivery paperwork and time sheet for processing by administration.


• Commence processing accumulated paperwork.
• Rescheduling Incomplete Jobs.
• Driver Log’s off from workforce application.


• Delivery and timesheet information is updated in real-time throughout the day.
• Business owner can see status of business in real-time.


Interdev’s xmotion™ workforce application,

  • Costs less than a cup of coffee per driver per day to deploy
  • Works on IOS™ and Android™, smartphones, tablets and ruggedised PDA’s.
  • Can be run on company owned or driver owned devices.

Its less expensive and more reliable than hiring someone to process paperwork.

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