barcode scanning for iPhones and iPads





You’ve probably tried scanning a barcode or QR code (3D barcode) with the camera on your smartphone, its a slow process.

Open the barcode reader application. Line the camera up with the barcode, let it focus. . Press the button. The barcode information is then displayed.

How do you scan barcodes quickly?

With a purpose built sled, which attaches to your iPhone or iPad, to add a dedicated warehouse quality barcode scanning capability, without losing the ease of use and power of your IOS™ device. These dedicated sled’s come with their own inbuilt battery in order to power the reader and provide top up power to your iPhone™ or iPad™.

In the case of iPhone™ the sled will make the iPhone™ more rugged, able to withstand dust, and drops and splashes, without making it too bulky for your field team to keep in their pocket.

Payment processing is also available on some models, through, swipe, tap and go or chip reader technology. Barcode scanning and payment process are modules which can be added to your xmotion™ workforce platform.

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