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As a business owner or operations manager, simplifying the deployment and management of applications on company owned smartphones and tablets, becomes an operational headache as your fleet grows.

Users of the devices will inevitably download personal information or their own favourite applications, potentially impacting the reliability of the device or the security of your business data.

The adoption of mobile device management (MDM) solution brings significant efficiency to the process of deploying applications and managing the devices once they are in the field.

MDM offers the following benefits :

  • Ability to limit user access to only approved applications.
  • Control the ability for device users to load their own applications or change the device configuration.
  • Deliver over-the-air updates to business sanctioned applications, such as INTERDEV’s workforce client application as new features are rolled out.
  • Ensure that all devices have the same configuration, for settings such as mobile data, WIFI or bluetooth and location sharing.
  • Expanded control to manage email, calendaring, and contacts applications.
  • Compliance and security capability to help you safeguard devices and data.
  • Device remote control to assist with user issues while in the field.
  • Monitoring and reporting to track, diagnose and resolve device issues.
  • Up to date Software and Hardware inventory.
  • Available for IOS™ , Android™, smartphone and tablets.

Interdev offer the MDM platform as a service, in conjunction with our xmotion™ workforce platform. The Interdev team will work with you to build a profile for your devices, identifying business specific applications, websites and services, that should be enabled on users devices, and identifying those that shouldn’t. Once the profile is complete, your devices will be enrolled into the MDM platform ready for management.

Deploying MDM ensure that devices that you provide to your employees are used for business, and create the business efficiencies you expect from your investment.

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