Integrating Workforce with your ERP or Accounting System




INTERDEV’s workforce platform is designed to integrate with your existing business applications enabling seamless movement of delivery, driver and vehicle information between operations teams and the field.

Being a modular platform, adopters can utilise some of all of the available modules.

Often we find that ERP platforms often do an excellent job of manging the product or service delivery workflow while the activity is inside the business is efficient, getting the delivery information to the workers can be cumbersome, and often exclude the ability to mange the actual driver and vehicle resources.

Workforce has been designed to be modular and customisable, enabling business who see the delivery process as a key part of their competitive advantage.

Our driver application, is underpinned by our workflow engine which provides us with the ability to manage a drivers workflow in the way that you require from the moment he commences his shift through to completion.

As shown in the diagram below the workforce driver application is able to manage the everything a driver needs to do from capturing…

  • Start of Shift
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Vehicle Safety and Compliance Checks
  • Delivery Job Information
  • Driver Messaging
  • Incidents
  • Shift Breaks
  • Shift completion

This information is available for review within the Workforce platform where it can be reviewed before pushing to your existing ERP, Accounting or Payroll systems.

email [email protected] if you would like to learn more.

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