Improve Customer Service with SMS Delivery Notifications



INTERDEV’s workforce platforms enables greater customer communication through the use of event triggered SMS notifications to customers.  Great communication with customers ensure high levels of first time delivery, greater delivery efficiency and  great customer satisfaction.

In the implementation example, the first message was triggered when the jobs are allocated to a day for delivery.  The text of the message within the workforce administration console.  Message is sent via the workforce Messaging Hub.

These messages are generated on the day of the delivery.  The first message is generated when the delivery job is dispatched to the drivers devices.   A delivery window is allocated based on jobs order in the delivery run and the estimated time of arrival.  The period of the delivery window can be configured through the administration consol


The final notification message is triggered then the driver completes the preceding job, the time can be pre-configured or calculated based on estimated travel time from the current location to the next location.


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