workforce timesheets for Android – track driver breaks, delays and expenses





workforce timesheets module has been designed to add to remove the headache of paper based timesheet from your business, and simplify the logging of events within a drivers day such as breaks, delays, truck washing and expenses.

With workforce timesheets, we are not trying to replace your existing payroll platform, what we are doing is reducing the manual data entry that occurs in the field and by your operations teams.

Integrating timesheets into the workforce field application makes sense, as it means that a worker in the field can complete their entire day in a single application,

  • Shift Start
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Vehicle Safety and Compliance
  • Job Details
  • Job Process
  • Incident Reporting
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Breaks, Delays and Shift Events
  • Expenses
  • Process Documentation
  • Shift Completion.

Timesheet data is presented within the workforce platform for review and approval by managers.  With the triggering of approval, the data is pushed to your existing payroll system using SIgH, our integration platform which can package the data up to go through a pre-determined API, or export as a CSV file for import into the payroll platform.

The screen shot below is the job summary screen, it enables a drive to see at any time, how their time has been spent for the day. On completion of each day the driver sign’s off the time sheet, acknowledging the information submitted is true and correct.



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